Why is my iCloud email not working?

There are millions of users who communicate and exchange their files and data via iCloud, they do trust the services offered by iCloud as it is protected and safe. The data is secured with the help of an encrypted code. The Apple iCloud services provide an email account to send or receive emails via smart devices. However, you may unable to send the email sometimes that may result in errors in receiving the emails also, this results in an iCloud email not working error.

iCloud email not working

This error might prove tough for you. The reason why this error is frustrating is that the content and the emails on your iCloud storage are highly confidential and need to be sent or received if urgent. But if the iCloud email not working then it will be a frustrating situation. This article will explain the easy-to-follow steps to fix the iCloud email not working issue. So, let us get started!

What are the causes behind iCloud email not working?

  • The issue with the iCloud address.
  • The email was sent to too many receivers.
  • Message sent to more than sufficient recipients.
  • There is a huge size of the attachment.
  • The iCloud email not working issue persists with the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
  • The iCloud mail is not available on the iCloud platform.

How to fix the iCloud email not working issues on android and Windows 10?

If you face the iCloud email not working on windows 10 or iCloud email not working on the android issue then to fix the problem the steps are very much simple:

  1. To begin with, you have to verify the speed of the internet connection.
  2. Now restart the smartphone or the device iCloud program.
  3. Verify the details.
  4. You will be unable to send or receive the emails if the account is unavailable.
  5. If you see the name of the account is in dark, your account might be offline.
  6. Now, switch to the internet mode and verify that you receive emails via iCloud.
  7. Check to see whether the problem with iCloud is fixed or not.
  8. If the problem persists then go to the Mailbox and tap on the “Take all accounts online” button.
  9. Just check out the main menu and choose the “Preferences” button.
  10. Now, select the “Accounts” tab and select the iCloud account.
  11. Tap on the “Advanced” tab and double tap on it.
  12. Acknowledge the port number is configured to 993.
  13. Followed by this, you have to select the “Use SSL” option.
  14. After this, choose the Password as the authorization type.
  15. Remember, if you are using the Apple device to sign in then go to the official website and select the “Settings” button.
  16. Choose the iCloud option, next to the iPhone, iPad, and switch to the ‘Mail” option.
  17. On the smart device, tap on the “Settings” option.
  18. Go to the “Mail, Contacts and the Calendars” folder to proceed further.
  19. Choose the “Fetch new data” option and click on the “Push” button.
  20. You have to write the email and send it to the personal account for iCloud.
  21. This is to verify that the emails are received.
  22. In order to resolve the issue, just switch on the “Push” button for the account.
  23. Now confirm that the “Push” is enabled for the iCloud account.


There is no doubt that if your device encounters iCloud email not working then you will be unable to receive and send the iCloud mails. To be brief, if you come across such errors then you cannot access the emails and there can be other issues that may cause these errors. If you use invalid or incorrect credentials to access the account it may also result in the same error. Through this article, we have tried to elaborate on the steps to fix the iCloud Mail isn’t working. However, you are still unclear with the topic you are suggested to visit the Customer support website and get assistance.

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