Resolving your contact list issue for Yahoo mail

Yahoo has been around for quite some time now and got a lot of appreciations for all its services. They include email services, road maps, picture libraries, movies and a few other technologies, which makes it more than just an email service provider. Organizations that have adopted virtual existence, in some or another way, contributed to making Yahoo significant for the world.

yahoo mail contact list not showing

Your account monitors all your activities and adds people to your contact list along with letting you add more people to the list. This read is focused on extending help for the times when you encounter the “Yahoo mail contact list not showing” issue. It will guide you to find your contacts on the email dashboard and help you solve the issues with your Yahoo contact list.

Where are contacts in Yahoo mail?

Before discussing the problem with the Yahoo mail contact list not showing let’s take a look at where you can find your contacts on the dashboard and how you can manually add them to the list. It automatically adds people to the list when you send an email to a certain recipient email address. You can follow the below steps to find your contact list on Yahoo:

  1. Go to “More” from the mailbox.
  2. Go for the “People” option.
  3. Now go to “Show all contacts”.
  4. And hit on any contact for details.

Now, let’s see how to add to the list, manually:

On a computer

  1. Get into your account.
  2. Go for the “Contacts” icon.
  3. Hit on “Add a new contact”.
  4. Submit the required data.
  5. Hit on the “Save” option.

From email messages

  1. Open a received email from a person to add.
  2. Take your cursor to the sender’s name.
  3. Hit on “Add to contacts” from the pop-up.
  4. Provide any additional information you’d like.
  5. Hit on the “Save” option and finish the process.

Yahoo App

There is no specific tool for you to add a contact manually on the Yahoo application. To do so, you will have to go to the official Yahoo site online, get into your Yahoo mail login account and follow the above instructions.

Yahoo mail contact list problems

There are a ton of reasons for the problems with your mail and also, a ton of ways to fix these issues. However, one very common reason for the Yahoo mail not working could be when the Yahoo mail contact list not showing. This may have arisen due to the recent updates and changes made in the interface of the email service. There are a few things you can do to fix this problem- delete the existing contact list if you cannot see it, create a new one, try removing someone from the list before you send an email, or simply add contacts to the list for future use.

However, deleting and removing contacts would not be possible if you cannot see your contact list. Thus, you can create a new contact list by manually adding email addresses and move on further. You can even opt for restoring the list with the following:

  1. Get into the yahoo mail account.
  2. Go for the “Contacts” icon.
  3. Locate and go to “Deleted Contacts”.
  4. Settle on the ones you want to restore.
  5. Hit “Restore/Restore Contacts” and “Done”.

Note: This is in case, your contact list got deleted with the changes in the email’s interface.


Yahoo mail offers tons of services in technology including email services, maps, picture and movie libraries and more. But, among all, Yahoo mail is the most appreciated across the globe. And, being a technical product, it is prone to encounter issues and one of which is “Yahoo mail contact list is not showing”. This read is focused on where you can look for your contact list when you are in your mailbox, how you can manually add recipients to the contact list, and how to solve the very issue in a very easy way.

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