How to reset or change AOL password?

Ever thought of making your AOL account more secure? Well, the best practice to do is by resetting or changing your AOL password. The password reset process should be carried out if a user has forgotten his login credentials but AOL recommends its users to change the password of their account regularly so as to increase the security level for their AOL accounts.

change AOL password

Thus, if you are also interested to know the complete details on the process to Reset or change your AOL password, then you should follow the easy procedure as given below.

Instructions to reset AOL password

If you ever forget your AOL email account password, then you can reset it by using the easy instructions given right below:

  1. Go to from any browser
  2. After that, tap on the “Log In” option available at the top-right pane
  3. This should open the AOL mail login screen
  4. Here, you should enter your username, email, or mobile
  5. Select the “Next” option to continue
  6. On another screen, choose the “Forgot Password?” option
  7. Answer the security question in AOL sign-in helper
  8. Create a new password for your AOL account

Hurrah! You have successfully reset your AOL account password. In case you have forgotten the answer to your security question, then you should choose another account recovery option from the three given options.

Change AOL password forgot security question

If you wish to change the password of your AOL account, then it is a simple process and does not require you to answer any security questions. You need to answer the security questions only if you are resetting your password not changing it:

  1. The first thing you need to do is log in to your account
  2. Once you are logged in, select your name at the left pane
  3. Now, click on “account security” available at the left pane
  4. Then, click on the “Change password” option available at the right
  5. Verify that you are not a robot and choose “continue”
  6. Put a new password with a mixture of letters and symbols
  7. Again, enter the same password and click on “Continue”

How to change AOL password on iPhone or iPad?

If you want to change your AOL password on an iPhone or iPad, then follow these steps:

  1. Click on the “Settings” icon on your iPhone/iPad
  2. Scroll down and then select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”
  3. Then, select the email account for which you wish to update the password
  4. Again, select the email account from the “Account” dropdown
  5. Here, enter the new password in the “Password” field
  6. When finished, press “Done”

How do you change AOL password on Android?

One cannot change AOL password on the AOL app available on his Android device. So, you must navigate to the official website of AOL for continuing with this procedure:

  1. Open a web browser and go to the official website of AOL
  2. Then, click on the three lines given at the right
  3. And, click on your profile name
  4. If you haven’t logged in, first you have to log in
  5. After that, you have to tap on the three lines at the left of the screen
  6. From the menu, choose “Account security”
  7. Select the link “change password” available at the right
  8. Type the new password for your AOL account
  9. Click “Continue” to end this process
  10. Select “Continue” again to exit the AOL mail settings screen

Why AOL won’t let me reset my password?

Among different reasons, the main reason why AOL won’t let you reset your password is if it suspects any unauthorized login attempt at your end. In case you undergo several failed attempts to reset your password, you’ll not be allowed to complete the password reset process. Or, there could be some other technical glitches leading to this problem. Thus, to fix these issues, you can try the following solutions.

  • Try clearing your web browser’s cache and cookies
  • Use another browser or try resetting the password through the AOL app
  • Wait for some time and then try to reset your password again
  • Make sure you are providing the correct answer to the security question


In this informative post, we have successfully learned the method to Reset or change your AOL password that too in a very simple process. One should make sure to not share his log-in details with anyone or login in front of another person as he may hack into your account. To make your online accounts more secure, you should enable two-factor authentication on them.

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