How do you unmerge Yahoo Mail from AT&T easily?

Not happy by linking your Yahoo Mail account with that of the AT&T account? Well, this association of the two email accounts may not be liked by a lot of users and they may seem to be unhappy after they have coupled the two accounts. However, one should not worry in this scenario as we always have a way out of this problem. Therefore, to help users with this, we have given the complete details on how to unmerge a Yahoo Mail from AT&T.

unmerge Yahoo Mail from AT&T

At the same time, there are some users who probably do not know if they have been using the two accounts together. Well, in that case, what you can do is refer to the set of points that are given below, and then you’ll be able to come to a decision.

How to know if you are using a merged Yahoo AT&T email account?

In case you have been undergoing the following practices with your Yahoo or AT&T account, then it’s likely that you are using a merged account:

  • If you use your Yahoo account email address to sign in to your AT&T email account
  • In case you are feeding the AT&T email account login credentials while signing in to a Yahoo account
  • You get to see the messages from both accounts in a single place
  • In case you are able to use the same password to log in to the two accounts
  • When you perform the password reset procure for one account but the password for both the accounts changes
  • Whenever you log in to one of the two accounts, you are redirected to the same User Interface

Moving on, let us now head to the procedure to learn how to unmerge Yahoo Mail from AT&T. After decoupling the two accounts, you will not be able to use the two accounts together. And, for accessing the two accounts separately, you need to go to their specific portals.

Procedure to separate or decouple your Yahoo mail from AT&T

To unmerge your Yahoo account from that of the AT&T mail account, you can follow the steps that are given below:

  1. From a browser on your device, you first need to open a search engine- e.g. Google
  2. Use the search box and navigate to the official website of AT&T email
  3. From here, you need to sign in to your account to get into your account
  4. After signing in, go to the “Profile” section present under the “My ATT” present at the navigation bar at the top
  5. Now, you can go to the “AT&T Email Accounts” and then click on the “Account Profile” option
  6. Followed by this, go to the “User Information” page
  7. Next up, click on the “Delete Account” option present next to the “Member ID” option
  8. When you are shown the “Delete Account” confirmation screen, click on the “OK” option
  9. Now, to access your Yahoo account, you can go to the official sign-in website of Yahoo
  10. Finally, feed your login credentials to sign in to your Yahoo account

That’s how to unmerge Yahoo mail from AT&T.

What changes after unmerging Yahoo from AT&T?

Once you unmerge the two accounts from one another, you will get to see the following changes in the two:

  • You will not be able to use the same password for the two accounts
  • If you reset the password of one account, the password for the other email account would not be changed
  • The emails that you used to receive on one single platform would no longer be available
  • Apart from this, another thing that you need to understand is that the sub-accounts you are using will become standalone and you have to access them on their separate portals

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After going through this post, it is crystal clear that the process to unmerge Yahoo mail from AT&T is pretty hassle-free. All you need to do is follow the given set of instructions very carefully and make sure that you do not miss out on any step. Once you are done with following this procedure, you will get to know that you are no longer able to access the two accounts together and that’s what you wanted. However, before you undergo this procedure, you need to make sure that you are ready with this de-association of the accounts.

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