Proven tips to Fix Gmail Not Working issue

Many people are complaining that they are facing issues with their Gmail mobile app. It is showing a login error or all of sudden it stops working automatically. You may face Gmail not working issue on your mobile phone whether it is Android or iOS. Sometimes you can get my Gmail not working issues on your chrome browser as well and there could be several reasons behind this issue.

Gmail Not Working

So, if you are a Gmail user and you are facing issues with your Gmail account or getting trouble logging in to your account then you are on the right page. In this post, we will discuss some definite solutions that will help you to fix the why my Gmail not working issues certainly.

Tips to Fix Gmail App Not Working (Android and IOS)

Go through the tips that are mentioned below one by one to fix the Gmail app not working on android and the Gmail app not working on iPhone.

Tip 1: Check the network connection on your device

Our first suggestion for you is that try to check the internet connection status on your device before attempting the Gmail login process. It is a must to have a good internet connection on your device to access your Gmail account. Try to turn on airplane mode on your device or restart it to fix the network connection issue. You may contact the network service provider in case you are facing a slow connection issue continuously.  

Tip 2: Try to delete unnecessary data and cache files

If you are using Gmail mobile app then most probably it would have stored a lot of unnecessary data and cache files on your device and it results in Gmail not working problem. So, navigate to the settings of your phone. Then, click on the “Manage app Settings” options and delete Gmail app data and cache files.

Tip 3: Keep your Gmail app Updated

It is always suggested to keep your Gmail up-to-date. So, visit the Play or App Store to update your Gmail app to the current version. This action may fix bugs and technical glitches of your Gmail mobile app.

Tip 4: Make sure you enter the correct login credentials

It is very necessary to check the details after entering them on the login page. It can help to avoid incorrect passwords or username errors that create a problem accessing your Gmail account.          

Tip 5: Uninstall and reinstall your Gmail mobile app

If you are still facing the Gmail not working issue, then try to uninstall your Gmail mobile app and then reinstall it by visiting the App or Play store. After reinstalling the Gmail app, open it and try to log in to your account again. You will realize that the Gmail app has started working.

Note 1: After applying the above tips you will be able to access your Gmail login account and then you can also configure the Gmail email settings for your account. While trying to log in to your Gmail account make sure to check that you are entering the login credentials correctly or not.    

Note 2: These steps also help you to fix issues such as Gmail notifications not working, Gmail forgot password not working and Gmail not working on chrome.                         


In short, you may get issues with your Gmail mobile app or browser if you will not take care of certain technical glitches. To do that, it is very important to know the method to fix the technical issues that can cause Gmail not working problem on your device. In this article, we have mentioned some proven tips that will defiantly help to fix the Gmail app not working issue.

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