How to fix Gmail error code 102 in a few minutes?

Well, it is pretty evident that Gmail has a great user base and its team constantly works hard to improve the emailing experience of the users. Used by millions of people throughout the day, we may not always expect it to work smoothly. Just like any other online program, Gmail may also give you technical glitches and one of the commonly faced issues by the users is Gmail Error Code 102.

Gmail error code 102

Yes, that’s what we are going to discuss in this article. From learning the major reasons responsible for this error to fix this error in no time, we shall be walking you through the complete details right here.

However, before you proceed, make sure that you are ready to spare a few minutes to give this article a thorough read.

What is Gmail Error Code 102?

Well, this error code may appear on a users’ screen when he tries to work his way with Gmail. The error code usually displays while you try to send an email from your account. However, the error may also appear in cases when you open Gmail, open a folder in it or use any of its features. It does not matter in which situation you face this error, the given solutions would be applicable to all.

Factors that lead to Gmail Error Code 102

  • Unstable internet connection

While using any online program, it is necessary that your device is connected to a steady and speedy connection. In lack of that, you’ll surely face issues.

  • Unsupported or outdated web browser

Although Gmail is highly compatible with different web browsers, if you use it on a very old browser then it may not work in an expected manner.

  • Add-ons and antivirus

If you have installed add-ons and antivirus solutions on your device, then there is a huge possibility that you will face issues while running some programs online as it may restrict some pages to load on your system.

  • Too many cache and cookies in your browser

If your web browser contains a lot of bad cookies and cache files, you will start having difficulty trying to access your Gmail account or use its functions.

Tried and tested ways to fix Gmail Error Code 102

Solution 1- Use Incognito mode

If you are sure that there is no problem with the internet connectivity on your device, then you can try switching to the Incognito mode it may help you in resolving the problem and you’ll be able to use Gmail without any issues.

Solution 2- Fix internet connectivity issues

Well, poor internet connection is one of the main reasons that lead to Gmail Error Code 102, thus, you need to ensure that your device is connected to a speedy internet connection. You can also try switching to wired connectivity instead of Wi-Fi.

Solution 3- Update your web browser

Well, this is another tried and tested remedy that helps you ensure that you do not face any problems while accessing an online program. Thus, you need to ensure that you always install the latest updates on your web browser.

Solution 4- Disable or remove add-ons and antivirus

Such programs are made to restrict the operation of some programs on your device. Thus, you need to ensure that you have disabled them temporarily while accessing a program that is hard to use.

Solution 5- Clear cache and cookies

If you want, you can clear the long-stored cache and cookies from your web browser. After deleting these files, you can try to rerun Gmail and see if the Gmail Error Code 102 resolves or not. If not, you can also try to use Gmail on your smartphone and see if that helps.

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Well, if you are constantly seeing the Gmail Error Code 102 appear on your screen and you do not know what has led to this error, then you can refer to the instructions that are listed here in this article. However, before approaching these steps, you should make sure that there is no problem with the device you are using. Additionally, if you find out that everything is fine with your device, then you need to make sure that your device is connected to a stable internet connection. If not, try to rectify issues with your internet connection first.

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