What are the CenturyLink email server settings?

Among different email clients available in the market, CenturyLink is one such email client that is gaining huge popularity among the masses for it offers a wide range of emailing facilities to its users. But, if you look at it from the wider perspective, you will see that this email service provider has something that grabs the attention of its users which is its ease of usefulness. But some users might find it difficult to locate CenturyLink email server settings.

Therefore, in this article, we shall be covering the topic to find out how you can get your hands on the CenturyLink email server settings. Apart from this, we shall also be discussing how to set your email on different servers and devices. Everything from configuration to the email set up is listed here.

The CenturyLink Email POP3 Settings

You can find below the CenturyLink.net email POP3 settings so that you can easily set up your email client to receive emails from CenturyLink:

  • POP should be set as pop.centurylink.net.
  • The port value should be set as 995.
  • In the Security tab, choose SSL.
  • The CenturyLink Email SMTP Settings
  • In case you are using webmail, the limit is set to 100 per hour.
  • The SMTP send limit is set at 500 per hour is set by default.
  • In case you are using IP to send email then the limit is set at 50 per 5 minutes.
  • The server is Smtp.centurylink.net.
  • Also, the port value should be 587.
  • You need to choose ‘TLS’ if it is available.
  • In place of a username, enter your full email ID.
  • And, the server limit is set to 20MB by default.
  • Also, the ‘send to limit’ is 100 contacts.

CenturyLink IMAP Settings

While you are asked to set up enter the values for IMAP Settings, you should enter the following values:

  • IMAP- ‘mail.centurylink.net.
  • Port value- 993.
  • For ‘Security’- choose SSL.

CenturyLink.Net Email Server Settings For Outlook

  1. First of all, open Outlook > File > Info > Account Settings.
  2. Again, select ‘Account Settings’ > New > Manual Setup/Additional Server Types.
  3. Click Next > POP or IMAP > Next.
  4. Then, type your full name and email address.
  5. Select ‘POP3’ from the drop-down.
  6. Set ‘Incoming Mail Server’ as ‘pop.centurylink.net’.
  7. And, set ‘Outgoing Mail Server’ as ‘Smtp.centurylink.net’.
  8. Username- your CenturyLink email address.
  9. Password- your email password.
  10. Tap ‘More settings’ > Advanced.
  11. Incoming Server- 995.
  12. Check the ‘Encryption’ box.
  13. Outgoing Server- 587.
  14. Check the ‘Leave a copy message’ box.
  15. Select OK > Close > Finish.

CenturyLink.Net Email Settings For iPhone

  1. On your iPhone, click ‘Settings’ > Mail.
  2. Select ‘Add Mail’ > ‘Add Mail Account’.
  3. Hostname- pop.centurylink.net
  4. Username- your email id.
  5. Password- the password of your email ID.
  6. Outgoing Mail Server:
  • Hostname- pop.centurylink.net
  • Username- your email id.
  • Password- the password of your email ID.
  1. Select ‘Save’ and choose your email ID on the next page.
  2. Select ‘Main Server’ > ‘pop.centurylink.net’.
  3. For SSL- enter 143 and click ‘Done’.
  4. In the Advanced tab, select ‘SSL’ and restart your iPhone.


In case you wish to use CenturyLink email on your Android device, then you must find out the CenturyLink.Net Email Settings For Android and then follow the necessary steps for the same. Make sure you enter each server detail carefully so as to avoid any hurdle in the future while accessing your CenturyLink email on any device, be it Windows, Mac, Android, or iPhone.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What email server does CenturyLink use?

The email server used by CenturyLink is centurylink.net. However, for ‘Incoming Server’, you need to choose:

  • POP: pop.centurylink.net
  • Port: 995
  • Security: SSL
  • IMAP: mail.centurylink.net
  • Port: 993
  • Security: SSL

And, for the Outgoing server, choose ‘SMTP’ as ‘smtp.centurylink.net’ and for ‘Port’, select ‘587 TLS’. And, place of a username, you should enter your ’email address’ and for the password, enter the associated password.

  1. Why is my CenturyLink email not working?

You might have made some incorrect configurations in your email settings for CenturyLink email. Apart from this, the chances are that you have applied firewall settings or made some restrictions in the antivirus you are using. Verify these settings or check the network connection you are using.

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