Problems and resolutions for AOL Desktop Gold

American online or AOL, as its renowned, is a service provider for web portals and other online services. AOL Mail is the most used and appreciated all over the world yielding the maximum user utility. However, other services have come to light in the last few years and AOL Desktop Gold is one of them. It has been noted that this service by the brand is extremely easy to use and is known to be an all-in-one desktop variant.

AOL Desktop Gold Won't Open

It lets you access and manage your emails, browse through the Internet, and search content on your system. Recent versions also have premium security features. However, users have encountered some issues and the one that seemed to be common was when AOL desktop gold won’t open. Here, in this read, you’ll learn the features of this service, the login procedure, Issues that users face, and the easy troubleshooting ways and methods.

Features and advantages

Before answering, “Why AOL desktop gold won’t open?” here are a few things that will compel you to try it:

  • Fast and reliable with most recent technologies
  • Automatic schedules for updates on AOL Desktop Gold.
  • Simplified downloading and installation process.
  • Text fonts and emails can be customized.
  • Add to your Favorites with website bookmarks.
  • Premium security measure including anti-phishing.
  • Emails and other data can be imported and exported.
  • Import data from old desktop gold versions.

Log in

You’ll be getting a better experience if you use an AOL Mail login account to enjoy AOL desktop Gold. Let’s look at what steps are involved in creating an account that lets you log in anywhere and at any time:

  1. From an in-use web browser, go to AOL’s official site.
  2. Look for and got to the “Login/Join” option.
  3. Locate and hit on the option reading “Sign in”.
  4. Type in and submit the requested details.
  5. Follow the prompted instructions on-screen.

Note: And that’s all you need to do to finish creating your AOL Mail.

AOL Desktop Gold Problems

Let’s take a look at a few problems that users of AOL desktop gold usually encounter:

  • AOL Desktop doesn’t launch
  • Error messages are being displayed
  • Slow functioning of desktop activities

Although there are several issues that users face with AOL desktops, the “AOL desktop gold won’t open” problem still tops the list of user inexperience, and also the searched items on the Internet.

AOL desktop not opening or responding

Offering great web browsing services with fast and reliable technical advancements and protection, it would be unlikely to say that it has no downfalls. After all, it is a technical service and is man-made. The users have often faced problems and there have been a lot of criticisms for the same. The “AOL desktop gold won’t open” issue usually occurs when the operating system isn’t compatible or there is a corrupted file in the setup installed.


Listed below are the common ways to fix the “AOL desktop gold won’t open” issue:

These are a few common methods you can try to troubleshoot the problem however if there is still no response you can follow the steps below:

Windows troubleshooting

  1. Hit CTRL+ALT+DLT at once.
  2. Choose the Process tab option.
  3. Go for the AOL Desktop program.
  4. Hit on the “End Program” option.
  5. Now, re-launch the application.

MAC troubleshooting

  1. Right-click on the application icon.
  2. Go for the “Force Quit” option.
  3. Re-launch the AOL desktop gold.


AOL Desktop Gold offers all-in-one services starting from emails, to browsing options and playing games, with advanced and premium quality technology and safety feature. However, being a technical service it is prone to experience problems while running. Among the few issues, “AOL desktop gold won’t open” is the most encountered. And to provide users with easy troubleshooting ways, AOL came up with a few solutions that are mentioned above along with the steps to log into AOL Mail and features and advantages of AOL desktop gold.

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